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Our goal is to unite the stoners around the world in order to bring an end to the prohibition of cannabis. United we have the power to affect worldwide change. Remember, only the squeaky wheel gets the grease. We must demand the re-legalization of cannabis for medicinal use, for industrial use, and for recreational use. And we must demand it LOUDLY!

We can change the world if we unite, and that is where StonerNET comes in. Since 1997, we have been bringing stoners from around the globe together with a single mission: to end the war on weed. Come on in, ask questions, get to know your fellow stoners. Sometimes we strategize, sometimes we plot, and sometimes we just get high and get silly. Sound like your kind of thing? Come on in, the doobie is fine.

Pot smokers and non pot smokers alike suffer needlessly from prohibition and the drug war. Weed legalization is not only the right thing to do, it’s within our grasp. The ganja community is growing strong and legalization and the end of pot prohibition is a reachable goal. The politics surrounding this issue are changing as more and more leaders discover that the majority of their constituents do not want people being arrested for possessing pot, ganja, weed, smoke, cannabis or whatever you want to call it.

Weed has over 455 different carcinogens in it when you burn it.  You’re inhaling 5x more  tobacco, 5x more carbon monoxide when you smoke a blunt or joint.  If you go the route of a pipe you’re inhaling butane, pyrex glass aromas that makes it to where you inhale glass particles, and you inhale the leaf, stems and other harmful carcinogens.   Bongs, bowls, one hitters and water bongs on the same way.  There has been many different research trials of the fact that water could filtrate heavy carcinogens.   This is false, the water poses no filtration whatsoever however, it does reduce the damage and chance of throat burn and also prevents exterior aromas from being inhaled.  But water still isn’t a filtration method. More pure and tasteful with cool smoke coming out and no throat burn? YES!  But that hard damage to the respiratory system is very effective and a concern for heavy plus long-term smoking.

Simply put, a Dry Herb Vaporizer     will filter over 95% of all carcinogens, the other 5% is the active ingredient which is the different THC + CBD compounds found in different strains of cannabis.   You save more money by using less from the 85% increased potency. Simply put, you spend $15 a gram buying an ounce, you’ll save 8.5 grams per every 28 grams vaped compared to smoking.  Adding this basic preschool math up, it is a no brainer, you’ll save $125.50 per ounce spent so buying an ounce a month adds up to over $1,506 in a full year.  Buying the most expensive vaporizers in the world, the Herbalizer would be a tremendous payoff and pay itself back.    Your best bet is to buy different types of weed pens.They’re cheap, cost effective and actually work. You can take them out in public and also use them at home with no odors at all.   Once you become more experienced, you can move from a weed pen to something more expensive, like a portable weed vaporizer and also add on an expensive desktop vaporizer    to be able to plug into the wall, sit on a table and kick-it back and relax hands free.