About Us

About StonerNET from the desk of DrDigi:

StonerNET began in 1997 when I built my internet hosting company. I decided that it was only right that I dedicate some of my resources and talents to a cause that I believe strongly in. Since then, we’ve been through a lot of changes, seen many other web sites and chats come and go, and met a lot of really cool people from all over the planet.

Some of you may remember our “radio” show which lasted about 3.5 years before we ran out of steam. We had a lot of fun doing that, and may have some form of it again in the future, but, for now, the archives are available. Note: these are much funnier if you are really high.

Somewhere during all this, the Technohippies were born, which isn’t really a band, but just a few musicians using studio magic to sound like a band. We had a lot of fun doing that album and we are working on the follow up. We decided that there were enough love songs and all our songs are about pot (even the love songs).

So, here we are, (Aug, 2003 as of this writing) still fighting the good fight and helping to spread the truth and unite stoners worldwide. Thank you for all your support over the years and we look forward to many more.

Stonily Yours,


1997 – built first version of the “StonerNET Speakeasy”

1997 – Started all-stoner chat network

1998 – First episode of StonerNET LIVE

2000 – Technohippies release THC Inc.

2001 – Dr Digi releases first solo album

2003 – StonerNET gets a facelift