What we have in the US:

– 700,000 Arrests a Year for marijuana alone!
– 2,000,000 US Citizens in prison
– Rights evaporating
– Police Corruption
– Crime-ridden war zones in the city
– Kids easy access to hard drugs

What causes this?

The War on Drugs, that’s what!

Don’t just sit there getting stoned. Get involved! Do something about it! March! Make sure you get educated first. The government fears an informed stoner.

Get Mad!

Doesn’t it piss you off that your own government uses your tax dollars to putyou in jail for not drinking your drugs?

Doesn’t it piss you off when your TV tells you to just say ‘no’, and yet, this Bud’s for you?

Doesn’t it piss you off that our government denies medicine to people in need just to protect profits for drug companies?

If you’re not pissed off, you’re not paying attention!

Who Is Harmed From Prohibition?

Children Prohibition makes the streets unsafe, steals money from education, lies to kids about the real effects of marijuana, and produces mistrust of authority.

Teachers Teachers are placed in a situation where they must be police, parent, and psychiatrist to kids instead of teaching them and are forced to lie to kids.

Taxpayers $13 billion spent last year on jailing potheads could have been spent on educating our children, repairing our infrastructure, and lowering our taxes.

Minorities Simply being black or brown can automatically brand you a suspect in most jurisdictions.

It’s important to know who is really benefiting from prohibition in order to understand the real forces behind keeping these destructive policies in place. Identifying the enemy is the first step towards victory. Many jobs depend on prohibition as well, so a plan to move these people into the post-war jobforce will be necessary.

Know Your Enemy

Who Benefits From Prohibition?

Alcohol Companiesgain from marijuana prohibition because the law eliminates it’s number one competitor in the recreational drug market.

Drug Companies gain from marijuana prohibition because the law eliminates marijuana as a natural alternative to the addictive, expensive drugs they produce.

Oil Companies gain from marijuana prohibition because the law eliminates competition from hemp oil (which can be used to produce plastic and fuel)

Textile Companiesgain from marijuana prohibition because the law prevents competition from hemp as a fiber.

The Prison Industrygains from the jailing of millions of marijuana users.

Law Enforcementgains from using the drug war to procure oversized budgets.

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