Head Shops

Head Shops
Online Shops for vaporizers , bongs , merchandise and stoner goods.

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Glass bongs Dabbing gear & titanium nails
Pier420 offers you the most unique styles of titanium and ceramic nails as well as bongs , e-nails and tons of vape gear. Pier420 is one of the largest and trusted 420 shops online.
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* * SPACEMAN * *
Spaceman is here to bring those operating on a higher level the chance to buy the equipment needed to maintain their chosen lifestyle.
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Marijuana cannabis cooking recipes
Stoned chef is your #1 stop for stoner recipes , marijuana cook books and much more , got the muchines? visit stonedchef.com today!
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Best 510 variable voltage E-cig batteries
The very best quality 510 thread variable voltage ecig & vaporizer batteries available
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Top rated best Variable Voltage Ecigarettes
We provide highely accurate Ecigarette reviews and vendor suggestions for the latest and hottest Vaporizers , Ecigarettes and mod sets.
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All you need from shrooms to pipes
A new mushroom and pipe/bong site. Good prices on everything especially seeds!
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Alternative Psychedelic and Fantasy Art
The alternative psychedelic and fantasy art shop with online picture galleries where you will discover a whole new range of surreal, psychedelic, trance, sci-fi, new age and fantasy art.
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Dry Herb vaporizers
The best selection of dry herb vaporizers and vape pens
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Billboardtobacco.com Glass Water Pipes and Bongs
Handblown Glass Pipes and Water Bongs. Featuring the AMAZING Krypto Kit! Acrilys water pipes, Metal pipes, and smoking accessories.
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Bongs, Glass Pipes; ManMade 420 Smoking Accessories
Canadian online Headshop with color changing glass pipes, inside out hand glass pipes, glass bongs, glass bubblers [inside out and out side worked], glass waterpipes, metal smoking pipes 1 hitter dugouts and more
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British Bong Shop
They do every stoner project us crazy brits use.
Added on: 09/07/2003 7:49:32 PM by jakki the gecko

BukketShop Headshop
Join the bukket revolution and experience a fantastic smoking experience with our bukket bongs. As seen in Rolling Stone.
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Cheeba Shop
Thick Glass Inside Bubblers $30, Glass Pipes $8, Screens $5, Free Shipping
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Fancy a few cheeky lines ? ? ?
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Connoisseurs Corner | magic mushrooms
UK shroom vendor. buy magic mushrooms and philosophers stones truffles
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Custom Designed Glass by WongBong GlassWerx
Hey YOU! Check US out for some pyschedelic glassware. All our products are made from borosilicate glass. We offer pipes, bubblers, bongs, of all shapes and styles. We offer replacement parts, cleaners, perfume bottles, nug jars, and MORE!
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Custom Wholesale Pipes – Hand Blown Glass, Bongs, Waterpipes @ Mystic Pipes.com
We offer glass pipes at wholesale prices, including handblown glass, bongs and more.”
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Detox from HEROIN & COCAINE with IBOGA, the hallucinogenic herb.
We have a broad range of Psychoactives including Mescaline cacti, DMT herbs, Acid seeds, Salvia, Kratom & Shamanic snuffs. Herb grinders, bongs, pipes also available. All very cheap prices, both wholesale & retail.
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Funny cannabis t shirts for the cannabis culture.
Forever420.com Funny cannabis t shirts for the cannabis culture. Cool t shirts for the hippie in all of us.
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Germinating Marijuana Seeds
– Want to germinate Your seeds ? Wondering if You could do it better and have higher germination rate ? Here You will find germination procedures we have mastered for years ! FREE germination guide ! Welcome !
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Green Kingdom Hemp
Head Shop featuring pipes, bongs, vaporizers,hamp clothes and a hydroponics portion.
Added on: 05/18/2004 12:28:21 PM by Chrome

Choose from a wide selection of products ranging from bongs to pipes, skins, scales, books, tins, grinders and other cannabis related items. We also stock more than 100 types of cannabis seeds & deliver worldwide.
Added on: 07/02/2005 9:21:36 AM by GrowHigh

Gypsy Nirvana’s Stash-Boxes
This box allows you to passively collect kiff (hashish) from your cannabis as it’s stored to remain fresh.
Added on: 01/09/2005 4:34:29 PM by The Tick

Online smoke and grow shop for quality cannabis seeds, grow lights, bongs, pipes, hookahs, digital scales and loads more gear. Over 20 years in the business!
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Hedgewitch Pipes
We have tried our best to bring to you the most unique style of pipes.WE have created pipes that you will never see anywhere else. When you buy our pipes, one thing that you will hear from your friends is, “Where did you get that?”
Added on: 08/29/2004 6:12:55 PM by Deserthedgewitch

Hemperial General Store
step through our front door and examine some of the wares available wherever hemp is sold and traded including several other exotic and intriguing items.
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U.K Headshop and Seedbank, where you can buy cannabis seeds, pipes and bongs as well as Salvia Divinorum and Herb grinders , rolling papers etc.
Added on: 02/08/2005 8:36:00 AM by Hempster

Herbal Smoke Store
Marijuana Alternatives.com- herbal smoke, herbal alternatives and tobacco alternatives, alternative smoke, legal smoke, legal herbs, smoking blends and smoking accessories.
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Herbal Vaporizer by Phedor Vaporizers
Herbal Vaporizer Technology pioneered by Phedor Herb Vaporizers. Awarded Best Vaporizer for the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup.
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Herbal Vaporizer by Super Vapezilla Vaporizers
Herbal Vaporizer Technology pioneered by Super Vapezilla Herb Vaporizers. Awarded Best Vaporizer for the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup.
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Herbal Vaporizer by Vapezilla Vaporizers
Herbal Vaporizer Technology pioneered by Vapezilla Herb Vaporizers. Awarded Best Vaporizer for the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup.
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Herbal Vaporizer by Wicked Roots Vaporizers
Herbal Vaporizer Technology pioneered by Wicked Roots Herb Vaporizers. Awarded Best Vaporizer for the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup.
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Legal Highs and Supplies
A informational site, with some links to the best head shops and legal highs on the net.
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Legal Weed
Featuring 100% Legal exotic herbal smoking products, herbal ecstacy brand products, premium cigarette rolling papers, smoking accessories, incense, candles, cothing apparrel and more….
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Mind Excursions – Retail and wholesale legal highs
Trip2Night, Dream Awake, Salvia Divinorum, Shroom Spores, Full Line of International Oddities, Herbal XTC, Glow Sticks, Rave Toys, and much more.
Added on: 09/08/2003 12:09:39 AM by mindexcursions

need2score? UK online headshop
We aim to stock everything the modern smoker needs and more at bargain prices. We carry a wide range of herb grinders, cigarette papers, pipes, seeds, growing books, vapourisers, ashtrays, stash/storage products & a wide selection of blunts.
Added on: 08/24/2004 12:46:43 PM by need2score

Obscure Offerings Head Shop
We’re an online head shop committed to the sale of quality smoking products. From inexpensive glass pipes, to unique and revolutionary specialty smoking devices.
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Organic Absinthe kits
Make your own Absinthe! our kits contain the finest and 100% organic herbs with a full 28 grams of wormwood. the kits make a wonderful drink, totally comparable to commercially available (and expensive) absinthe.
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PlanetSkunk Seed Bank
Marijuana Seeds Ship Worldwide, Marijuana Growing Forums, Free Seeds, Marijuana Pictures and much more.
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Pocket Vape Portable vaporizing technology with a twist!!
The Pocket Vape is a medical grade, hybrid vaporizer that gives the user a refined aromatherapy through vaporizing experience. Pocket sized and portable, butane powered, it heats up in minutes.
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Pot Seeds – Friendly Dutch Seedbank – Quality Pot Seeds
– Quality Dutch Pot Seeds, best guide on how to choose Your marijuana strain, Beautifull FREE wallpapers, FREE Grow Helpdesk !
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Premium Marijuana Seeds for sale. Growing marijuana is easy !
Marijuana seeds from experienced farm in Amsterdam, Skunk Special-25EUR(10s), and more, simplified procedure, order status online, currency calculator, same day email response, next day shipping, short USA delivery times, discreet envelopes.
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Recreational Herbs
Herbal Products @ Recreational Herbs. Trip2Night, Benzo Berries, Dream Awake, Invigorate II, Druids Fantasy, Lust, Bliss Extra, Snuffadelic & Space Cadets.
Added on: 10/12/2003 4:24:38 PM by 5225

Recreational Herbs
Mind and mood alterning herb retailer and wholesaler.
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Red Eye Frog
Cannais seeds from top names, magic mushroom grow kits 5 different strains, fresh magic mushrooms, legal highs, woodrose seeds, roor bongs and much more.
Added on: 02/11/2004 5:40:52 PM by RJD2

How to roll a perfect joint with weed, hash, grass, pot, hemp, cannabis or marihuana the way they do at the coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Now everybody can do this with this revolutionary keyring
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Smotpokers A site of a different KIND
At smotpokers youll fin all the things you need to represent to everyone around town that you love the Dank.
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Stoner Films & Maui Wowee Herbal Budz! ‘O’ Stoner Dating Also.
We Have Stoner Films, Warez, and Maui Wowee Herbal Budz! Stonerfilms.com Stoner Dating brings Stoners together. As the proven leader in online Stoner services, Stonerfilms.com provides millions of possibilities to smoke some pot.
Added on: 06/12/2004 9:20:35 PM by unknown

Stoner T-shirts at Conspiracy Inc
Stoner, THC, 420 Gear, Serial Killer, Porn Star Clothing, Blunt, Retro, Counter Culture, Serial Killer T-shirts and Bumper Stickers at Conspiracy Inc.
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Stonerworld.NET- Buy “Lagalize” Shirts, Weve got Marijuana Mugs, Shirts, Thongs, and other interesting Clothing appel for stoners. check it out!
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Tingleleaf Trip
Online retailer, manufacturer and distributor of exotic herbs and extracts, including Salvia Divinorum Foliage and Extracts (5X, 10X, 15X), Calea Zacatechichi, Kratom, Argemone Mexicana, Heimia Salicifolia and Tagetes Lucida! Free samples! Wholesale!
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Trip2night wholesale/retail
#1 stop for trip2night and other inovative herbal products!
Added on: 11/04/2003 2:01:05 PM by 5225

Vapolution Glass on Glass Herbal Vaporizer
The Original Glass on Glass Vaporizer. No metal screens. It runs on 12VDC and includes a car adapter. Shipping is free all the time. All for the low price of $125.
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We Sell What We Like
This is Drugs-plaza’s on-line headshop. We offer the best and cheapest soft-drugs related products. Take a look around in our still expanding collection. We’re selling worldwide
Added on: 10/05/2003 10:29:33 AM by 5291

Wellcoolstuff.com the internets largest headshop
Head / Rave supplies shop which sells cool stuff for smokers, snorters and sex maniacs, including Magic Mushrooms, Kratom Extract, Salvia Divinorum Cannabis Seeds, pipes, bongs, legal highs, street / club wear, coolgifts, sex toys and novelty items.
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White Widow Seeds
– the best source for white widow marijuana seeds. The strain is a bestseller of year 2003 and 2004 and we have the best price ever. Dutch high quality seeds, 90% germination rate, FREE growing helpdesk and stealth shippment assured. Welkom !
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We specialise in pipes, bongs and smoking accessories from a variety of supplier
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